ZF | In Your Hands


Fast turnaround project! 
Initial brief was to film out in Germany during strict covid conditions using a local fixer / crew.
Ultimately, we made creative decision to overcome practical problems and took a more graphic approach overall.
Working with VFX masters Spot Post, we repackage client archive to make a visually captivating film.

Due to client usage requirements, the film cannot be shared here.


Executive Producer / Writer: Alex Amos
Production Manager: Lizzie Holmes
Runner: Loren Alleyne
Covid Officer: Elinor Williams

DoP: David McDowall
AC: NIck Chandler
Make-up: Melina Strachan
Casting: Ray Knight
Studio: Holborn Studios
VFX: Yan Masterson @ Spot Post
Editors: Tom Mottrom, T-Jay Thakar, James Paterson
Voiceover David Menkin @ Soho Voices
Post Sound: Andy Coles