SIREN | Short Film


Short Film | Thriller | 12 pages

SIREN's Coverfly page and accolades:  

Logline: Escaped from a high security psychiatric hospital, a patient wreaks havoc on a family home. But who’s the real victim? 

The first and second halves of this story are played out at the same time – intercutting between the past and the present to build up to a defining moment.

Ultimately, I wanted to write a script that was based on true events to help convince the audience that it is a frightening but straightforward story. However, my overall aim is to undermine the viewer's trust in the narrative to deliver an interesting and thought-provoking twist reveal. Adopting a non-linear story structure was the best way to do this.

The backstory of the Broadmoor sirens is both unique and harrowing. Setting a story around one gives credibility to the events that take place and weight to the themes within the film. They also sound amazing and it would be a powerful way to finish the film. Exampled here from 2:37 onwards: